Documentary film making in Creative Media

March 2023


Year 12 student, Can H conducts an interview for his documentary on the negative impact of social media with Logan M.

Year 12 Creative Media students are currently producing a range of documentaries on a subject of their choice.

Products are being developed as part of a practical coursework unit on Factual Production, with students responsible for all aspects of the production from generating ideas and sourcing contributors, to writing a script, shooting footage and editing clips into a finished product using industry software.

Cai H is investigating the impact of cyber bullying on young people and the potential for becoming victim to online grooming, and as part of his investigation, he has sought the views of both students and professional Support Workers.

Other topics include an investigative piece into whether young adults are overly dependent on their parents compared to those who were raised pre-2000; and a documentary focusing on how social media can destroy teenage self-esteem.