Channelling James Bond in Media for a magazine production

March 2024


Year 12 student, Artur L set up a James Bond themed photo shoot for his magazine article.

Year 12 students in Media Studies have been setting up creative photoshoots to gain images for their current magazine unit.

The unit, entitled Digital Magazine Production, involves taking original photographs and writing an article which will be combined into a creative page layout for a lifestyle magazine for young adults. Students are working on a diverse range of topics from game reviews, fashion and recommendations for horror movies, to music and an interesting piece on how the role of women in James Bond movies has evolved over time.

To gain images for this article, Artur L organised a Bond-themed photoshoot with his classmate, Rufus taking the part of the iconic spy, and Bobbie, Katy and Molly representing Bond girls. This is just one of a wide variety of well thought out photoshoots that the class has conducted using a range of costumes, make-up and props.