Year 8 Student Brings Dance to Primary Pupils

February 2017


Daveylee rehearsing one of his dance routines.

One of our many talented Dance students, Daveylee D. in Year 8, has received the specialist Primary Liaison Award at Prize Evening for his excellent work with St. Andrews Primary School.

Every Tuesday after school, Daveylee teaches Dance to a number of familiar faces at the school where both he and his brother, Spencer were once pupils. The Dance sessions began when a number of enthusiastic pupils requested dance lessons following a performance from our visiting Believe and Achieve students.

Daveylee's passion for dancing, which began at a young age, has grown even stronger since joining King James as there are many opportunities to develop his skills in choreography. Now, he is more than happy to share his passion by co-ordinating the after-school sessions, as he feels that starting from a young age helps to build confidence and friendships.

Running the Dance Club is an outstanding achievement, especially for one so young. We have no doubt that these popular lessons will continue throughout Daveylee's time at King James and that the positive influence he has on these young individuals will continue to grow.