Year 6 Open Evening: Wednesday 25th September 6:00pm

Ullswater Outward Bound Experience

May 2019


Students prepare for Gorge Walking and Cliff Diving.

A group of 31 students in Years 7-10 have recently taken part in an exciting five day trip to Ullswater Outward Bound Centre in the Lake District.

This trip, which takes place every year in May, gives students the opportunity to embrace a variety of outdoor challenges, which are designed to build self-confidence, stamina and resilience.

At the centre, students took part in team building activities to build mutual trust and to encourage them to work together to achieve the best outcome. They then took on the famous "Jog and Dip' challenge, which involves a cross country run followed by an exhilarating jump into the freezing cold lake, an activity which certainly requires courage! They also tried Gorge Walking and Cliff Diving, and enjoyed an overnight camping expedition. On the final evening, teams enjoyed a fun quiz around the camp fire and the opportunity to share their favourite experiences from the trip overall.

The Outward Bound Experience is a popular event in our Academy calendar and one which benefits students greatly. Each year participants speak with pride about their personal achievements and many say that by completing the sometimes daunting physical challenges, they realise that they are capable of so much more.

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